Suicide Squad: Mission to Kill the Critics

IMG_1614 What the hell is up with all the critics lately hating on everything in the DC cinematic universe? Literally almost every single review of Suicide Squad currently out there has been bashing on this movie for almost everything. Someone could have sneezed wrong in this movie and Rotten Tomatoes would have given it a 15% rating. (Even though they didn’t – it’s close enough.)

I, myself have been a comic book fan almost my whole life. I also absolutely love the DC universe. I don’t hold any bias over whose better or worse between Marvel and DC. I love them both. So don’t go on saying that I don’t know anything about this or that comic or character in the story because I’ve most likely either read it or seen it on TV or cartoons. I’ve been into this shit my whole life.

Before I start, I want to say that this review is going to be as free of spoilers as I can keep it. But sometimes I can’t help myself so I apologize in advance.

The movie follows Task Force X, A.K.A. the “Suicide Squad”, on a deadly mission forced upon them by a government official named Amanda Waller. The movie does a good job in involving the main Suicide Squad members from the comics. Deadshot and Harley Quinn have become the biggest names in the Suicide Squad comics and the movie does these characters justice. First of all, all the actors in this movie did a fantastic job with what they were given. You almost want the movie to be longer just so it could go more in depth with these characters and see the actors portray them so magnificently.

One of the few things that I would want fixed in this movie is the pacing of the story. It feels like you’re learning about all these characters individually and then BAM straight into the conflict of the story, without any kind of gradual, set in to what is going to happen next. It’s almost like someone just kicked this story into gear at one hundred miles per hour after the first five minutes.

First question – where is the Joker? In the movie, every time you see him, you never want him to leave. He is the new Joker and we are very curious about him. For most of us, we loved what we saw but we did not see enough of it. To my knowledge, a good chunk of his scenes were either cut short or cut completely from the movie. This is a shame because he was so highly advertised in all of the trailers and eIMG_1617.JPGven the merchandise (which was charged up the wazoo).

The story that they had going with Joker and Harley was hands-down my favorite part of the whole movie. From the iconic comic flash backs to the dialogue between the two of them, it was brilliantly portrayed by both Margot Robbie and Jared Leto. I got chills during one scene that was a shout-out to a certain comic cover featuring both Harley and the Joker.

Don’t listen to any critic that says the movie didn’t do Harley Quinn justice. She could not have been more perfect. Even if they had ripped her out of the animated series where she came from, Margot Robbie still would not have been that far off. She even got the quirkiness that her character had in the animated series. When introducing herself, she has the same line and says it in the exact same way. “Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya!”

Honestly, this movie is worth your money. You’re going to want to see it on the big screen and you’re going to want to see it multiple times if you are a big fan of the DC universe. I myself plan on watching it in theaters again. Don’t put this off and let it become just a Redbox rental. This movie deserves more than that. Even if you aren’t a big fan of comic books or superhero movies, this film is still very fun to watch. Bella, who isn’t into comics or superheroes very much, still loved this movie. In fact she’s watching it again tomorrow.

My score: 8/10

Have a nice day.



Screw the critics, I know a good movie when I see one…

Hi everyone, it’s Alex!

I’m here because some critics can be (explicit content inserted here). I want to write my own completely honest reviews of movies I have recently watched both in theaters and on DVD.

Lately I have noticed that all the major critics have been unfair to certain movies that deserve better. Much better. And I am here to do them justice and give a completely honest review from my point of view. You may not agree with me and that is okay. It’s a free country.

Hope you enjoy!


Top 5 Ways to Make Money In College

Make MoneyIn College.pngCollege is expensive. We have all been there – the card getting declined at the drive-thru for a Cookout tray. Having put in 2 years at JMU I have found numerous ways to add some width to my wallet, and I figured it would be great to share these tips with people who could put them to use.

First of all, I hate, hate, hate surveys. You take one for 30 minutes and then at the very end they tell you that you aren’t qualified for their particular study and you have just wasted all this time when you could have been doing something else (watching an episode of Friends maybe). So trust me when I say, there will be no surveys on this list.


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Blue Hole – Virginia Swimming Hole

If you are a student at JMU, you have definitely heard of Blue Hole at some point since you have been here.


Last Friday I called Alex to get ready because I was taking him to Blue Hole. It was a beautiful day in Harrisonburg – clear skies, only a slight breeze and the beginning of the weekend. The last week had consisted of rain, rain and rain.

Unsurprisingly Alex was mid-nap and just mumbled “Okay,” when I told him to put his board shorts on and be ready for me to come get him.

The drive from JMU to Blue Hole is only about 20 minutes along 33 West. You’ll find a tiny piece of shoulder to your left which turns into a slight cliff-walk to where the actual swimming hole is. Be careful parking, you do not want your car toppling over the edge.

Immediately, Alex looked at the steep climb down and said “You shouldn’t have worn flip flops.” Even though I have been here once before, I was convinced I’d be okay without sneakers. I was wrong. Alex had to hold my hand and guide me down the hill.

Do you see the gains? Do you see them?

Once we got there, we saw the makeshift ladder on the large rock and Alex immediately went for it. He climbed to the top and I (being deathly afraid of heights) decided to stay below and take some photos.

I honestly believe he just let me take these photos so he could show off the “gains”.

But seriously, look how sunny it is. Such a perfect day for swimming.And there was absolutely nobody there. We got pretty lucky.

I fully warned him before getting there that the water would be freezing cold but that I completely intended on us both jumping in. There was no way he was getting out of that.

The last time I went, about two weeks prior, I jumped into the Dry River with my best friend Ashley and I felt so rejuvenated (the word used by the dreadlocks donning guy who jumped in before me and convinced me to jump in).

This time, the water felt much, much cooler. Maybe it was that slight breeze. We were still doing it though, and after maybe 25 minutes of hesitation and “Ready, Set, GO! Why didn’t you go?!” from the both of us, we finally did it.

You’ll just have to see the video for yourself. Make sure you turn the audio on and hear Alex’s reaction to the water. And while you’re at it, go ahead and follow us on our instragram, @earthboundpair.

It’s your turn!
GPS Coordinates for Blue Hole:
+38° 45′ 22.28″, -78° 56′ 15.68″, Harrisonburg, VA 22831

The coordinates will take you to about a mile or so before the actual parking spot. Just keep an eye out for it on the left shoulder. You’ll know you’re there when you get to the bottom of the mountain.

See you soon!




Hi there!

Our names are Alex and Bella. We are a college-age couple from Virginia that loves to travel (and eat) and go on little adventures around our college town.

We are starting this blog so that we can document and share our journeys to some of our favorite places and locations that we have been to, while exploring new and unfamiliar places too.

We hope you enjoy your stay here on our blog, Earth Bound Pair.


See you soon,

Alex & Bella